What's on offer

The education and engagement programs available in association with The Shy Manifesto include a Q & A, resource packs and theatre workshops. These workshops will be adapted to suit the exam board and specification to suit the students participating and can be adapted to apply to both GCSE and A Level courses.


Theo Ancient has over six years experience running drama workshops for children and young people in the UK and abroad. He feels passionately about bringing drama opportunities to all children, especially those living in hard to reach or rural areas.

Theo currently runs regular youth drama sessions at Phoenix Theatre Arts (Harlow, Essex) and works freelance for Polka Theatre’s education department in London. He has training as a child counsellor and has worked closely with drama therapists in collaboration with Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre and the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, his work involving confidence building drama sessions for young people.

Whilst training as an actor at the Oxford School of Drama, Theo set up and ran a drama club for young people living in Tackley Village, Oxfordshire. He then went on to train at RADA where he had further training as an actor, and experience touring Shakespeare to secondary schools.


To book a workshop or to take part please e-mail workshops@theshymanifesto.com

The Q & A will:

  • Provide opportunities for students to investigate the thematic elements of the show in greater detail with the cast (AO4)
  • Provide students with an opportunity to understand the technical elements of the performance and hear the terminology used to describe and explain the design process (AO3)
  • Provide opportunities for discussion so that students are equipped to analyse and evaluate the production for live theatre analysis (AO4)

The workshop will:

  • Discuss how an idea can blossom into a show with the help of collaborators (director, designer, producers etc) (AO3)
  • Include warm ups and exercises that students can use in their own rehearsals and devising workshops (AO2)
  • Explore ways to develop characters and differentiate between them when multi-rolling (AO2)
  • Explore approaches to physical performance skills including the practices of Michael Chekhov, Jacques LeCoq and Rudolf Laban (AO2)
  • Develop improvisational structures to allow students to manifest their character work, which can be reproduced as devising methods for student’s own projects (AO1)
  • Invite opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their own work and the work of others (AO4)

The Drama resource pack will:

  • Provide a context for the show including the purposes and intentions of the production team (AO3)
  • Include interviews with the production team to aid students in completing Live Production Analysis tasks (AO4)
  • Include images of the original drafts of design ideas including annotated images with design terminology to assist students in writing design response questions (AO3)
  • Include sample answers to examination style questions annotated with marker’s notes as a model for students’ own writing (AO4)
  • Include ideas from the workshops about Michael Chekhov, Jacques Lecoq and Rudolf Laban’s physical approaches to character development (AO2)
  • Include ideas to help students generate devising tasks based on characters and characteristics in people (AO1)

The PSHE resource pack will:

Provide a scheme of work designed to cover the Key Stage 5 PSHE unit on relationships in connection to the ideas presented in The Shy Manifesto. This scheme of work will be classroom ready with resources that teachers can use in lessons to generate discussions and cover curriculum points in an accessible and engaging way.

To book a workshop or to take part please e-mail workshops@theshymanifesto.com